How much Florida House Insurance is enough?

If your worried about Florida house insurance rates and how much insurance is actually needed, you've come to the right place!
Choosing the amount of insurance you need can be stressful. you know we should have it, but how much coverage do I really need? Figuring that out can be especially hard with house insurance, which must cover not only the property itself, but also personal belongings.

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When your figuring out how much coverage to buy rely upon Bird Insurance Group. We're one of Florida's leading house insurance companies and understand the house insurance needs of our customers. We'll guide you with estimated replacement costs for your home and adjust your policy limits as needed. Accurate information about your house and it's contents is critical. We can help you review your property and possessions and re-evaluate your Florida house insurance needs.
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Make sure you have enough Florida house insurance. Here are some steps you can take to reduce the danger of being seriously underinsured:

  1. Call Bird Insurance - If you have questions or concerns about the limits in your policy, ask us to show you how those amounts were calculated. This will also give you an opportunity to make us aware of any overlooked information.
  2. Consider your mortgage - Keep in mind that FL requires minimum levels of coverage. Your lender may require you to carry 80% of the property's value or insure the home to 100% of the mortgage.
  3. Read your policy - 3. Certain property such as jewelry, silver, guns, rugs, furs, or family heirlooms and certain perils, such as earthquake or flood, is better insured separately. Knowing what is covered and for how much will help you insure properly. If there is anything in your policy you don't understand, contact us and ask for an explanation.
  4. Review - At each annual renewal of your policy, you receive a new Policy Declarations page showing limits of coverage and optional coverages. Review this information. If you do any significant remodeling or add a family room, extra bedroom or bathroom, etc., tell us about these changes so your coverage limits can be adjusted to cover the improvement. If extensive home improvements and renovations aren't factored into your policy, you could have hefty out-of-pocket costs in the event of a claim.
  5. Buy in bulk - Purchasing multiple policies (home, auto, umbrella, etc.) from the same agent often offers better pricing, which means, lower Florida house insurance rates.
  6. Work with an expert - Many people outgrow their coverage as they achieve career success. As a result, they can be severely underprotected. By working with an independent insurance agent like Bird Insurance, you can be sure your unique personal risk management needs are addressed.

The right coverage for you is unique. Talk to Bird Insurance today to find out how to get the best pricing on Florida house insurance rates.